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I wanted to tell y’all about a sweet experience we had on our first full day in Honduras. Today we went into a village to meet some of the people, hand out medical supplies, and tell people about the love of Jesus. Becky and I went to a house with our translator, Francisco, and our friend from the local church, Claudia.

We went to a house and knocked on the door and the maid answered and invited us in. (The people are super warm and welcoming here- love it!). Francisco (our translator) told me that he would be invisible in the conversation and to just pretend he wasn’t there, I said OK 🙂 The home owners weren’t home so we ended up just talking with her and asking her about her life.  Her name was Didian. She was clearly irritated with us at first and didn’t make much eye contact with us or anything so I could tell she was only listening to us to be polite. I could tell from her demeanor she had pain and built walls of protection around her. She said she had gone to some church in the past and had a bible of her own but when we asked her if she would go to heaven when she died she said she wouldn’t, because of the way she was living. She felt like she needed to be perfect and live a certain way to be right in Gods eyes. By this time in the conversation Becky and I were having the translator speak to her for us (he is an awesome guy who has a great knowledge of the Bible and theology AND he is from Honduras, so he was great when talking to his peeps) and when Didian started mentioning all of this legalism, Francisco said “let me explain some things to her”. It was clear that there was no time to translate! They ended up talking back and forth for about a half an hour in Spanish while me and Becky stayed quiet and let them talk. 

I only knew she had accepted Christ because they both closed their eyes and he began to say a prayer that she repeated. Didian started to cry into her hands and I went and hugged her and told her it was all going to be okay and that we loved her. A change had happened. She was softened and looked relieved. She told us that she had never been talked to like that and nobody had ever showed her love like we had, having just met her. It was honestly one of the most beautiful experiences of my life and it was the first house we went to! It was so cool to go and show her the love of God and help her begin her new life in Jesus.

Shae Howell

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