Praying for the sick

In the afternoon on Wednesday, July 5th, we went and prepared egg and bean and cheese sandwiches for the people in the hospital. We also handed out juice and water. It’s always a little heartbreaking to go to the hospital and see how much everyone is struggling. I met a young girl named Andrea, she got bit by some type of insect, like a mosquito, in her eye. She got some blood work done and the insect had dirtied her blood so bad that she had to be transferred to the hospital in Tegucigalpa for a blood transplant. I also met this women who was there with her 6 month old baby Junior. Junior has a heart condition that causes him to have tremors. He also had to be transferred to Tegucigalpa to get heart surgery. Please keep them in your prayers and the rest of the people in the hospital. There are so many people there because it’s a regional hospital and some people need to travel 10 hours on a bus to get there. The emergency room is so packed you can barely walk through. There is always beauty in situations like this though. I had the opportunity to go and see all the newborn babies. God is so good to bring such amazing beautiful creations in such a hurting area. We’re going again¬†on Thursday¬†and I pray that we God guides us and helps us speak to the people.

Thank you, Lillian Elliott

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