Open doors through soccer

On Wednesday, July 5th, we woke up to a nice, fresh, slightly cloudy morning to the wonderful songs of the Honduran birds. The bus was scheduled to pick us up earlier than usual as the day before,¬†7:30. We ate breakfast at Gloria’s house which was delicious. The chef-ladies laid out a mini-buffet, that included: very sweet fruit, cereal, milk,beans,omelets, avocado and cheese. Within the hour of breakfast, Maya Squire and Lilli Elliot led us all through a beautiful song of worship. Afterwards we all headed out to the bus to go to one of the main high schools in Danli to share the gospel. Before we began, Miguel, one of our hosts shared his morning devotional. He read to us Matthew 14:25-33 giving us the example of Peter, when he wanted to walk on water like Jesus. Miguel reminded us that once we’ve accepted Christ into our lives, there’s no need to fear, worry or doubt because there’s nothing greater than our God. He also caused us to remember that our eternal life begins once we’ve let God into our lives, here on Earth and we that should be living in joy no matter the circumstance, serving and praising God for all that He has done for us.

Following Miguels encouraging devotional sharing time, we were divided into groups of seven each with their own translator. We all entered one into a classroom where Robert Buckley gave a well, articulate motivating speech to the high schools soccer team. He incorporated into his talk about his experience with soccer, and how far he’s come, from playing at a very young age to coaching many successful teams. Mr. Buckley explained that the ‘why’ for being a team isn’t only about winning but about building a good character depending on our God. He concluded with a story on how one of his teams practiced Jesus-like character at a dinner the night before a big game then how the following day turned out to be a successful win full of good character and trusting in our Lord.

Right after Mr. Buckleys motivational speech, we divided into our groups of about seven and had 2 to 3 of the soccer boys jump into each. Before we entered the classroom for Mr. Buckleys speech I expressed to my group members Trevor, and Dana that I felt really nervous and I wasn’t sure how to relate to teenage boys. Trevor told me that there wasn’t an exact way to relate to them but to be myself and telling them my testimony. We then prayed about it and when the time came to gather I felt my nerves fade away. The three soccer boys that were in our group were Roberto, Marcelo and Edwin. Trevor and I were able to tell them our testimonies in how we came to know Christ, in having a personal relationship with Him. The boys in our group listened intently as we shared the gospel. Dana Nolasco translated for us and took the opportunity to share the good news herself. We ended in prayer as each one of the boys agreed to accept Christ into their lives! Although, one of them seemed as if they were still unsure, I’m praying that they will attend the movie night at the church we’re having on Thursday¬†and that God will use others to guide them through their journey in knowing Christ more!

Aleah Nahue

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