God’s providence in uniting families

Leading up to Honduras I always pray to the Lord to use me specifically. I hope that God would work through me and use me in mighty ways. It always amazes me how God can use my past experiences, experiences I’m not always proud of, to minister to people. Today was one of those days.
We were visiting homes and sharing the gospel when we came to our last house. An older gentleman answered the door and welcomed us in. Then another woman appeared. We started to discuss our faiths, she said she was catholic. I asked if we could have a spiritual conversation. Our translator began translating but continued a longer conversation with her. I sat and listened waiting to hear what they were talking about!
Kike, our translator said she’d like us to talk to her daughter and convince her not to leave her young children and move to Spain. Ohhhhh, okay this was a new one. She was a single mom, she had a 6 year old and 6 month old, both girls. She thought by leaving them and going to Spain to make money they would have a better life. Kike said Hondurans do this sometimes but never come back.

Kike and Lilli

She brought her daughter in from another part of the house. Her name was Daniellà, she has a beautiful smile. At first I started with small talk then the Lord laid on my heart to share my story. I told her that I to had a daughter out of wedlock when I was young. I told her that God used her to bring me back into relationship with Jesus. My daughter, Lilli, was sitting right next to me. I said being a young mom and not having a lot of money was hard but as a Christian we must trust that God will provide. Faith is an action. She told me she trusted God 100% and Jesus was Lord.
I said I felt that my purpose in Honduras was to share this with her. I explained children are gifts from God, treasures. I explained God gave her those children to look out for, to train up in His word. She could not do that from Spain. I pointed out that though being a mom wasn’t always easy it was God’s purpose for our life. She had two girls and I have two girls. I explained she’d never regret raising her girls. Its the best thing in my life. I told her not to go to Spain. In her heart she knows she shouldn’t. She cried and agreed. I prayed with her and we hugged for a long time. God really showed up and I’m humbled to be used in such a mighty way. I trust God will use that conversation and I will be praying for Daniellà!
Kelly Elliott

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