Bringing Hope

Team member Liz Aponte shares about an experience at the hospital

On Wednesday, we went to a local hospital here in Danli. Unlike the US, you cannot simply walk into a hospital and be treated with or without health insurance or the ability to pay. Here, you have to pay for everything up front. If you do not have money for simple things like bed sheets, pain medicine (like ibuprofen), or clothing – you do not get them. You either bring them yourself or pay for them beforehand.

While talking to a few ladies that just had babies that morning, we were amazed by the lack of resources they had. Not only lacking a clean environment, but also by the sadness that seemed to encompass some of them.

Jill, Tania (a member of the Gran Comision Church), and myself talked to one woman who had her baby that morning – and she was 15 years old. Essentially a child taking care of a child. While first meeting us, she would not make eye contact, and she seemed very sad, even slightly angry. Most mothers had been somewhat excited about their babies, but she was different. We all felt God talking through us while talking to her. We crouched down to her level, and lifted her head up. When then told her that God loves her, and how to have a saving relationship with Him. And that no one could that take away once that happens. We also talked to her about postpartum depression and depression in general. She slowly began to lift her head up. She slowly shared with us that she was in extreme pain and scared to have had this baby alone. We were able to pray for her, to encourage her, and give her hugs. By the time we left, she even cracked a smile! It’s amazing to see how God can reach even the brokenhearted.


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  1. Kathy Maples says:

    beautiful story. So glad you were able to bring this girl and her baby some hope. Praying for them.

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