Blessing through business and hospital visits

Thursday, July 6th, began with a walk through the local streets to a new chocolate factory. Our team was greeted warmly by the creator and owner of the factory. They have been in business for two years, and are using the business not only to bless the people of Danli with yummy chocolate, but to also use the factory to glorify God by giving part of the proceeds to help kindergarten children in schools that are malnourished, she blesses them with a drink and some food. She also named the company, ABBA chocolate after our Lord and Savior, it just so happens that it is also the first initial of everyone in their family, and spells out A.B.B.A. What a sweet woman, and what an amazing thing she is doing to glorify the kingdom of God. She is a great example of the Truth Centered Project. Using her talents and her business to lift up her community and glorify God.

After the chocolate factory, we headed to the church where we played soccer and Frisbee with the kids from CENTRO De DESSEROLLO INFANTIL. The kids are so sweet, they are kids in the community that are sponsored by people in the church , they get to come and get help with homework, hygiene, bible study, learn verses, and receive a meal, sometimes their one and only meal for the day! They have two children that are waiting to be sponsored, hint, hint! We ate lunch, prepared food for people in the hospital, and headed to the hospital. When we arrived at the hospital, we were greeted by a television personality that heard wind of us coming . They interviewed Jenny Squire, and she explained why we were there. As we headed inside, we broke off into groups and went around to different sections of the hospital to pass out food, water, and juice to the patients and their families. Some people have traveled a very long way to come to this hospital. They were all so grateful. One thing I have observed about the Honduran people is their hearts are so open and gracious. They are so willing to open their hearts and minds to you. Everyone we asked if they would accept prayer for any kind of ailment or suffering, accepted it willingly and graciously! This is so encouraging, they are a kind people!

The hospital has a special house for women who are about to give birth, we walked over passed out hygiene kits to the moms, prayed with them, worshiped with them, and Kelly Elliot shared her testimony, it was powerful. One mom accepted Christ, but I wouldn’t doubt if more did, and just didn’t express that they did. God really spoke through Kelly and you could see that these women were moved. Over all it was an encouraging┬áday. The hospital was in much better condition than it was three years ago, and a lot less crowded. I believe God has His hand over this hospital, and has given the doctors and the administration wisdom over the year. Glory to God!!!

Erin Padilla

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