Biblical Transformation

Poverty starts on the inside with people who often feel helpless or worthless. In Honduras, this is manifested in the 65% of people forced to live below the poverty line. As part of the body of Christ in Utah, we want to help a struggling church in Danli to help their community be transformed from the inside out.  We believe that the Bible applies to every are of life and through God’s grace and obedience to Him people will start to mature which can spread through the entire community!  In 2017, we are helping the church begin a small health clinic and are bringing first aid as well as health care resources to support them.  You can help us by donating to the discipleship program to see lives changed or donate first aid and hygiene items.  We also need your prayers. Please join us in petitioning the God of the universe to empower the church in Danli, equip them to help themselves and finally be released from a cycle of poverty.

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