The Rock Church returns to Honduras for another year!  A group of 20 will be going to Danli, Honduras July 1st – 9th, 2017. Honduras is one of the poorest countries in Latin America and is less than 3% Evangelical Christian.  They have suffered from corruption, as well as natural disasters including hurricanes. floods, and earthquakes.

We are supporting a proactive church in Honduras who reaches out to the community by providing a nutrition center and soccer clinics and is trying to reach everyone in their community with the message of the gospel.  We will one again visit homes of people in poor neighborhoods and provide the local hospital with medical supplies & support.  Our group seeks to sow seeds of truth and hope through initiative evangelism, support of the local church, and relief work. A new focus will be on sharing some of the concepts outlined in the Truth Center Training program which emphasizes a gospel centered approach to empower the local community to break free from poverty. We hope to continue gaining ground through relationships established from previous trips; making new contacts; and encouraging the saints living in Honduras. God’s power and provision continues to amaze us; we cannot wait to see all that He will do to further His kingdom this year.